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Alternative platforms, such as ombudsmen, can also be considered to take into account concerns that young lawyers may not feel comfortable disclosing to their direct supervisors.In response to queries, a Law Soc spokesperson said the welfare of young lawyers and trainees “is a top priority” as “they are the future of the profession, and an important resource that we must invest in”.Quoine’s lawyers argue that B2C2 “must have known” that the price was “wholly out of line with all the other prices it had been seeking to trade at during that day”, all of which were more than 250 times lower.

In his latest speech in August, CJ Menon urged law firms to “make it a priority” to ensure that safeguards are in place for lawyers who may be struggling.

Trainees should also have opportunities to take on pro bono work, which allows them to “‘cut their teeth’ on real cases quickly”, it said.

The length of training contracts can be doubled to a year, it proposed, so that apprentices can gain more exposure in various practice groups.

Releasing his grounds of decision dated Wednesday (Dec 27), Mr Thorley said: “The doctrine of unilateral mistake is well developed in circumstances where the error is a human error and the knowledge or lack of it is directly ascertainable from the humans involved.

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Where computers are concerned, the law is less well developed.” He added: “When can the workings of a computer or computer programme constitute actual knowledge on the part of the programmer or operator of the computer?

“These (concerns) are usually accompanied by comments about supervisors being tetchy or quick-tempered when under pressure themselves,” the task force found.

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